Working Together – Brand And Sponsor

Luisa d’Aprano has worked in both corporate and brand marketing roles as well as the sports marketing industry.

She has evaluated and negotiated partnerships, created sponsorship campaigns and launched products and business networking initiatives.

Here she uses her experience to explain why the relationship between a brand and sponsor is so important.

Luisa: “If a brand and sponsor work together in the ‘right’ manner it’s likely to have a positive impact on the company in question and their marketing activity.

Sponsorship should allow you to engage and connect with consumers in a way that you haven’t done before. Before entering into a sponsorship agreement it’s essential for brands to identify their goals and how they will measure their return on investment.

For example, is the company looking to increase brand awareness? Or, is it looking to generate sales? Sometimes it’s a combination of the two.

Whatever the brands message, sponsorship helps with the delivery. The message could be delivered to a local market, a global market or even a new market. It doesn’t matter.

Sponsorship gives your brand access to experts in a field that you are not familiar with and therefore adds value to it.

In my experience it’s vital that sponsors and marketing work together because they have the potential to become the heart and soul of a brand.

In recent years the growth and development of content and social media has presented brands and their sponsors with the opportunity to communicate instantly with the consumer and react to any changes in the marketplace.

Once a brand knows what it stands for it’s likely that sponsorship will not only help with external targets but assist with internal ones too (recruitment etc). The company as a whole suddenly has a real focus.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) are interesting because they often approach the topic of sponsorship with caution. To achieve their targets though they don’t have to ‘spend big’ to ‘achieve big’.

Working with the local community is a really good way to help promote your brand and address the above. International companies also look to the local community through sponsorship to make an impact.

The message is that sponsorship is versatile and capable of benefitting everyone.”

Luisa was speaking to Here, There & Everywhere.


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