Sponsorship – A Strategic Marketing Weapon

Enriching your brand’s meaning to your audiences makes your business of more value to these stakeholders affecting recognition, retention and revenue. The truth is that done properly, a brand partnership with the ‘right’ rights-holder is a powerful platform of influence. It communicates an association of brand values, amplifies your own brand speaking to many.

In my years in sponsorship marketing I have driven rebranding campaigns, supported partners in closing multi-million dollar deals and achieved 14:1 media return on investment for a product launch, been honoured by Hollis and the ESA for great partnerships I have led.


The important thing to bear in mind is that it can offer your brand multiple opportunities to engage and connect that no other form of marketing communications to do.

It unites your brand marketing and your messaging, and a portfolio of partnerships will deepen that engagement to cover off a wider demographic.

I recently attended the Institute Of Directors North West annual conference and this year’s theme was Disruption. A fantastic collection of stories from different brands and business owners and whilst the over-riding theme was one of achievement in technology and innovation, this translates so well into a sponsorship analogy.

Your company or brand might not be the biggest. However, the association with the right partner creates disruption in the market and gets you on the page of their fans and followers. You are associated with that brand disrupting how the competition, your consumers and clients alike will perceive you.

Negotiate the rights that fit with your objectives and create a platform of influence tailor-made for you. It’s not right hand page, inside back, above the line, below the line, internal marketing, sales promotions, incentive programmes, recruitment drives. It’s all those things where the sum of the component parts combine to make a much bigger total. Haven’t we all heard that phrase before? To summarise, it’s efficient.

Know your audience, develop the right association that is right for your objectives and implemented correctly you have a winning formula resulting in success for you, your brand, your stakeholders and your business. Contact me to discuss your marketing challenges and how can sponsorship can address them.

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