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If you don't know much about sponsorship but can see the value of brand partnership then it's worth a conversation.  Align your brand with a property that has a following of fans who are the same as your potential and existing clients and you have a very powerful platform.  Making it work for you is more than just a badge slapping exercise and we can work with you to show you how.


Strategy and Campaign Development

We can work with you to develop the answers. How will you achieve your targets? What story do you want to tell? What platform or sport is right? How will you deliver your message? 


Activation and Content

We will provide a brief and then help you manage the entire process with your marketing team or on your behalf by implementing a strategy in line with your company values which will be led by a strong campaign plan incorporating a tailored content and media plan.


Independent Evaluation and Reporting

So how did we do?  Through a combination of basic and more complex methods we will monitor your sponsorship performance at various stages and ensure that your short and long-term goals are being met.



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