Happy New Year? Let’s work together

Well, here we are again folks!

Over the last few days we’ve all been wishing one another a "Happy New Year" ahead of 2015!

But how many of us are really happy? Let's face it, after a couple of weeks off work did you bounce out of bed when the alarm went off on Monday?  A Forbes article from October 2013 says that unhappy employees outnumber happy ones globally.

Fortunately for me, I was delighted to get back to it. We spend so much of our time at work, so why not enjoy it?

Ok, so you may have to make a few changes but a complete overhaul isn’t always necessary. A change in approach or simple change in strategy could help.  Be fearless, conquer any negativity, fix any friction and increase that optimism.

Set your needs or objectives and achieve them within realistic timeframes.  Whether it's increasing brand equity, developing growth or finding new customers, (or in my case shifting a few kilos), work out the best way of doing it and then maintain that desire and drive.

A big part of achieving your goals is the support you have around you and that includes finding the “right” agency. At Daprano we tailor our approach in order meet your commercial and marketing goals, so, let’s hit those New Year targets together.

Happy New Year? I for one will certainly make sure of it... see you down the gym!

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