Because Sometimes It Should Just Be Simple (Stupid)

Last weekend I headed out with the family to the Big Day Out at Humble by Nature farm where 1500 festival goers visited the farm for this fabulous sold out event. There was a bursting line-up of activities for all the family, from outdoor cooking demonstrations, foraging walks, bushcraft, craft village, campfire singalongs and even a chilli eating competition.

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What prompted me to write this blog was that it was quite simply one of the best family days out I had in a long time. Its ‘humble’ness was outstanding where kids were kids, and us adults did not have to worry. No electronic games in sight, ditto no wifi or 4G. No outside distractions!

So we noticed and participated in Craghoppers adventure climbing frame and the Thule activity course to try out their hardcore pushchairs with the overwhelming effect being that my engagement with these brands was all the more heightened, maximised and remembered because of the context. It felt good and I cared to see that due to the partnership with Tidy Planet and DHL Envirosolutions the whole event was zero waste.

And as I sang Old McDonald with Gareth Malone, not a solo thank goodness, I realised that it was indeed the simple things that were important and this was a great example of brand engagement. There was none of the hustle and bustle of so many events that I have been involved in and the experience will stay with me for a long time.

Because we had the time I could even spend time talking to the man from Unwins, the seed people, and before I knew it, my green fingers were reaching for plants and seeds; I was now planning a vegetable garden for this summer and what’s more, it is planted and come September my experience of Big Day Out will be revisited as I enjoy the strawberries that are currently growing in pots on the patio.

And sometimes it’s good to take some time to stop and smell the strawberries. Inspired by the whole day and such positive experience of the festival, I felt energised and refreshed and most importantly reinforced my philosophy of the postive impact of our industry in relation to brand partnerships. Well done #BigDayOut and see you next year.


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